Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starting in 2013!

In January, we will be ready to go!!  We have had several contributors email us and are ready to link up to share their freebies with you.  We are excited to get this blog up and running.  If you haven't had a chance to email us yet, please email us at before the first of the year.  It is not too late!!  For those of you that have emailed us, get some freebies ready.  We have received your emails.  We will be emailing you soon.

Feel free to spread the word...  Our button is below.  Pin, Facebook, Twitter, blog, or email fellow teachers.


Right now there are two options for posting:

1. Strictly Freebie:  These posts contain a product that is free, no strings attached.  This is a great way to get your store out there and your other products noticed.  It is common courtesy that these products remain freebies because if someone does a google search a year from when your product is posted, the product will still be free!

2. Free to Three:  You submit a post via e-mail to promote your product.  We tell the readers that they must comment AND leave their e-mail address to win.  Within a week (but not less than 1 day), we use a random generator to pick three comments who will receive the product.  If one of the randomly selected didn’t leave their e-mail, we choose another winner.  (It pays to read directions and follow the rules!)  We then go back and edit the post after you have selected the winners and announce that it is closed and announce the winners.  You e-mail the winners the products.

Here’s How to Join:
 1.  We are looking for about 20-25 regular contributors who create quality freebies.  This means the quality of the content, graphics, and layout are just as great as the quality of your paid items.  We understand the freebies are shorter and should be less time intensive but they also should be worth downloading. 
2. ANYONE will be considered.  We wanted bloggers who are established all the way to newbies.  We are looking more for quality freebies than anything else.
3. Email us at
     Include: Your Name, blog  address, email address, and a link to your TpT store. 
4.  We will contact you if you have been chosen to participate.  If we get quite a few contributors we may split into two different blogs.
5.  We will be constantly be reviewing new contributors, so keep submitting!

Here are the rules:
 1.  We have created a blog button for contributors to place on their sidebar.  Please put it anywhere on your blog.
 2.  When your post does appear we will e-mail you. Please mention your post on your own blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.  You don’t have to make an elaborate post, just a mention to attract more followers!
3.  Please make your posts more than just “Here’s My Freebie.”  Add some ideas on how it can be used, is aligned to standards or skills or included pictures of it in your classroom.  We are all busy so we don’t expect a huge elaborate post but something more than just the product with the link is appreciated!
4.  Your freebie can be pretty much anything... printables, units, worksheets, clipart etc. 
5.  You have to submit a post via e-mail at least once a month once you have been chosen as a contributor.  We will notify you when your product is going up.
6. You will need to promote this site on your blog, facebook, twitter etc to get followers here so that we can reach a broader audience.  You may pull in readers that will help another blogger and vice versa!  

We are looking forward to 2013!!


  1. Crossing my fingers that I was selected!